image_acupunctureReno Acupuncture

Far from offering a simple, one-sided treatment, Path to Wellness delivers a multi-faceted, holistic approach to healing. Dr. Maureen McKenney, a Reno acupuncture professional, is a licensed doctor of oriental medicine with a broad understanding that includes acupuncture, herbal prescriptions and dietary counseling. She combines her knowledge and vast experience with these healing methods to create a treatment program specifically designed to address your unique medical necessities.

While Reno acupuncture can provide exceptional results on its own, Dr. McKenney understands that including complimentary herbal prescriptions and dietary counseling can maximize a patient’s health. Her education in Traditional Chinese Medicine has imparted knowledge about underlying causes and contributing factors to the way different illnesses manifest themselves.

With every client, Dr. McKenney begins by conducting an initial health consultation. From here, she is able to gain the necessary information required to develop a road map for your individual treatment plan, which typically involves a combination of several treatment methods. Once Dr. McKenney has completed the initial consultation, she will typically perform an acupuncture treatment, provide guidance on how to adjust your diet, if necessary, and prescribe herbal remedies to enhance your healing potential.

When you are seeking an herbalist or acupuncturist in Reno, achieving the best results is your ultimate priority. With our holistic approach and talented acupuncturist, Path to Wellness is confident that we can provide the relief our patients are seeking. Eastern medicine has grown in popularity over the years, which we believe is a direct result of its proven effectiveness. Schedule an appointment with our Reno acupuncture office today to experience for yourself the healing capabilities of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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