Path-to-Wellness-Slider-1-needles-hand-maskedThere has been debate in the medical community about the effectiveness of acupuncture. Some argue that the results are purely psychological, a placebo effect. This basically means the only factor that is creating a change is the patient’s belief that change will occur. Historically, it has been recognized that when the placebo effect is the cause of relief, the placebo does not work as well as real treatment. Such is not the case with acupuncture.

In recent studies, sufferers of chronic pain rated an average ongoing pain on a scale of 100 to be around 60. With traditional treatments they dropped to an average of 43. These results show the success of traditional western treatment strategies, but acupuncture’s results were even better, cutting their pain in half, down to a rating of 30. This study also put one group through “fake” acupuncture to see if their results were reflective of real acupuncture, but the real thing created much better results than the fake. If acupuncture was purely placebo, these results would not have been possible.

While western science tries to explain how acupuncture works, different states across the nation are beginning to recommend insurance providers to cover the treatment. Our Reno acupuncture office currently accepts many different insurance companies who have recognized the benefits of acupuncture. This makes treatment much more affordable.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, acupuncture has proven to be a highly effective treatment. We have one of the most talented acupuncturists in the area,  Dr. Maureen McKenney. After an initial consultation, Dr. McKenney will design a highly specific treatment plan, custom tailored to address the problems you are experiencing. When you are looking for a highly effective acupuncturist in Reno, Dr. McKenney would be delighted to go over your options with you. Call the Path to Wellness offices today to ask any insurance questions you may have or to schedule your consultation today.


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