image_ reno acupuncture clinicOur Reno acupuncture clinic has been getting great results in pain relief for years and Western science has been trying to understand exactly how acupuncture works for years. With interest in the practice sharply increasing over the last decade, countless studies have been conducted to determine if acupuncture is truly beneficial. So far, the studies have come back with mixed results as to how well acupuncture stacks up against traditional western practices. The issue relates to the differences in how the studies are performed. Science has had a difficult time determining the appropriate placebo to measure against acupuncture. However, for the majority of the studies, at least some level improvement was seen in comparison to standards practices.

What we are seeing is that while it may be necessary to continue seeing a doctor for serious pain, acupuncture is a very effective complementary practice in generating real pain relief. Many of the studies suggest that the patients who received the absolute best results were those that participated in a combination of western medicine and session at our Reno acupuncture clinic. By combining the two practices, patients were far more likely to see dramatic reductions in pain and even the complete disappearance of symptoms. At our Reno acupuncture clinic, we have seen these results first hand many times.

Western science has also proven that sessions at our Reno acupuncture clinic work to release endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever, and by triggering the brain to produce serotonin, the transmitter that controls mood. With increased levels of endorphins and serotonin, pain is dramatically decreased and mood is improved. This means that our Reno acupuncture clinic patients can leave a session feeling relaxed and pain-free.

As more information about the ancient practice of acupuncture comes to light, we can expect to see studies supporting acupuncture as an effective treatment for pain. There is no doubt that it has merited the attention of the scientific community. However, the benefits of acupuncture are seen every day in clinics across the nation. If you are interested in receiving acupuncture as a pain treatment in Reno, Path to Wellness is here to help. Together we can start the journey towards a happy, pain-free life.



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