Most sleep aids on the market are designed to slow the mind, but this is not treating the root of the problem. Acupuncture treats insomnia in its true nature, typically the result of some other condition. While stress is the common culprit, there are many conditions that can result in the loss of sleep. They usually work in tandem and the combination in which they do so are as diverse as the people they affect.

Reno acupuncture at Path to Wellness is effective because we understand the true nature of insomnia. Different people require different treatments and at Path to Wellness, this is exactly what we provide. The way energy flows through your body is unique. We seek out blockages, allowing it to flow more freely. This allows for better processing of stress and negative energy. Healthy flowing energy creates a healthy body.

Now, we aren’t saying to throw out all those bottles of sleep aids just yet. Instead, come for a session at Path to Wellness, a trusted Reno acupuncture clinic. We will start working on the root causes of your sleep problems. With successful treatments, eventually those prescriptions can become a thing of the past. Many of our patients report significant improvement after their first visit. Imagine you, sleeping soundly in your bed tonight. That would be truly glorious and we are here to help you achieve it.

Reno Acupuncture Clinic, Path to Wellness

Path to Wellness is a comfortable, clean and alternative medicine clinic in Reno, Nevada. Operated by Dr. Maureen McKenney, Path to Wellness is please to serve the Reno community.

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