IMG_0073Recovering from even minor surgery is a hefty task for your body. While under the precise control of able surgeons, it is still very much a major trauma. There has been a great deal of research regarding the effects acupuncture can have on a patient before, after and even during surgery. One of the primary effects of acupuncture, which western science can back up, is pain relief. Acupuncture triggers your body to release endorphins and hormones that change the way your brain processes pain. This creates the effect of reduced sensitivity to pain.

Studies have found that patients who received acupuncture required fewer opioid drugs, such as morphine, oxycodone or codeine. While opioid drugs are widely accepted in western medicine for pain relief, they come with side effects that can still make recovery unpleasant. Many people already report having an upset stomach after surgery. The side effects of opioid drugs include nausea and vomiting, thus, only magnifying the  discomfort.

When you are looking for effective pain relief in Reno, acupuncture does not have side effects like nausea and vomiting to create added levels of discomfort. Of course we would not recommend throwing out those necessary pain prescriptions, but acupuncture can help you use fewer of them. This will help reduce the side effects of the medication and give you a clear head to focus on your recovery.

We can help create a plan that includes acupuncture prior to surgery, to get your body ready, and afterwards, to facilitate recovery. Our treatments work exceptionally well with western medicine. Experience the true potential of an acupuncture session for pain relief in Reno. We’ll help get you back up and at it.

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