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Forms for Your First Reno Acupuncture Visit

For your convenience, we’ve made several of the required forms for your Reno acupuncture visit available for you to download at your convenience. Click on the links below to view and print these forms, then please fill them out as completely as possible and bring them with you on you the day of your first acupuncture Reno visit at our clinic. For appointments call 775-825-1912.

Our office policy for making a new patient appointment requires us to take down your credit card information. The only reason we would charge your card the new patient price is in the event that a patient fails to call and cancel an appointment with 24 hours notice. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practices (for viewing only)


HIPAA Authorization Form (for printing and signing)

What to Expect During Your First Acupuncture Reno Visit

As a highly trained and experienced oriental medicine doctor and acupuncture Reno specialist, Dr. McKenney builds rapport with first-time clients and communicates clearly to determine the steps necessary to position the client for success and optimal well-being.

During the very first visit, Dr. McKenney will gather the information necessary to understand the current state of your health, which will impact the medical decisions moving forward. After a brief discussion, Dr. McKenney will likely perform a non-invasive health assessment of her own, looking for anything that may better assist her in diagnosing future treatments. After this initial intake process, Dr. McKenney will have the information needed to help her identify the underlying circumstances that may be causing any undesirable health conditions.

During your initial visit, Dr. McKenney will likely elect to perform an acupuncture treatment and begin addressing your health concerns right away. During this treatment, Dr. McKenney will insert very fine needles into specific targeted stimulation points along the body. Patients often do not even feel the insertion, or they may feel a slight pinch. The needles are retained anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, a time during which patients usually either fall asleep or enter deep relaxation. For more on acupuncture, click here.

Following your initial intake session, Dr. McKenney will guide you in starting a treatment plan. Depending on your unique circumstances, your treatment plan may include continual visits for acupuncture, herbal recommendations, suggestions for modifications in everyday routines or a combination thereof. Regardless of what is involved with your treatment plan, you can rest assured knowing Dr. McKenney tailored it specifically to meet your unique needs. Dr. McKenney will play an active role in your customized plan and be available throughout its course (and beyond). Consider Path to Wellness your partner in wellness.


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